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Kind Kid Spotlight

A huge round of "a-paws" for the kids who have done great things for Yavapai Humane Society! If you've done a project for the animals and would like to tell us about it, send an email and you could have your picture right here next to your fellow animal lovers!

Looking for a project?  Check out some suggestions on our donation pages!


Jessica and Honoria did a fundraiser at their school and raised $170 for the pets at Yavapai Humane Society. Getting some cuddles with our kittens was thanks enough for them!


Amanda and Lorna here had a lemonade stand and decided to donate all $50 of their profits to Yavapai Humane Society!

Just $10 helps us vaccinate, deworms and microchip one adult dog or cat, so these young philanthropists' gift has certainly gone a long way.

Way to go, gals!


Five hours baking + 3 different types of cookies + 3 different types of cupcakes + sweet bread loves + Lemonade and water bottles + 5 girls = $86 helping the dogs and cats of YHS! 

Thank you, Emma, and your friends who care so much! (From left to right: Olivia, Mercedes, Madi, Emma, and Mariah)


These two young men are taking word of the good work Yavapai Humane Society does to the streets! Connor and Zaine held a lemonade stand for the dogs and cats in our care, and now they're placing collection bins at local businesses to collect food for the homeless pets here. On top of it, Connor and his family have fostered three dogs from YHS, and he's very proud of it.

What special hearts and a wonderful example of what young volunteers can do to make a big difference!


Another group of young philanthropists held a lemonade stand and donated their $68 in proceeds to the homeless animals at the Yavapai Humane Society. We are all inspired by these compassionate kids who are supporting our community in need.

Way to go, Jasmine, Madison, Genevieve, Trinity, Anthony Jr., and Brooke!


Madison and Arielle wanted to help the homeless pets at the Yavapai Humane Society. They ran a lemonade stand and made $60 to donate to the animals! Then Madison, Arielle, and their siblings brought the donation jar down to the shelter.

What an inspiration to have such strong compassion at a young age. Keep up the good work, girls!


Students of Mingus Mountain Academy made 15 puppy and kitten blankets for the pet residents of YHS! These blankets are great for our smaller furry critters--especially the ones who get a little chilly, as little warming units can be put in between the layers of these cute blankets.

Thank you, girls!


Troop 449 came to tour the shelter, learn the right way to meet and interact with a new dog (Peter, a handsome tan and white terrier/pit bull mix who loves to give kisses!), as well as to get ideas of a service project they can do for the animals of YHS. Word is they plan to hold a pet drive of their own!

Thanks for visiting, Brownie Troop 449!


For the 3rd year in a row, Coyote Springs Elementary held a pet drive contest at their school, and the 4th grade collected the most pet supplies. Their prize? Bringing the donations to the animal shelter, taking a tour and meeting our furry friend, Tinka--a beautiful 2-year old Plott Hound mix.

Thank you for your generous donations, Coyote Springs Elementary!


Meows and woofs all around to YHS volunteer Jan O. and her "little" from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Brianna!

These two smilely ladies helped us fold towels and blankets in our not-so-glamorous, but oh-so-essential shelter laundry room.

Thanks for rolling up your sleeves and doing it with cheer, Brianna and Jan!


Girl Scout Troop 2457 came to visit the animals at YHS. During their tour they saw how we care for our cats, learned the proper way to be introduced a new dog, and got to pet our sweet, well-mannered furry resident Sandie.

Thanks for visiting, Troop 2457!


Angelica H. and her friends participated in Coyote Springs pet supply drive and won the prize of $50 for collecting the most supplies.  She then generously donated the prize money to the animals of YHS. Angelica wants to be a vet when she grows up and got to meet the head vet at YHS, Dr. Lisa Darling.

Thanks, Angelica! The animals need more kids like you!


Alex gave our old administrative trailer a complete facelift.  He replaced the crumbling floor and painted the walls making it into a warm, welcoming place for staff, volunteers and visitors. Alex approached local businesses and got them to donate what was needed including a gorgeous wood floor, paint and other supplies.

Thank you, Alex, and congratulations on making Eagle Scout!


Kerry and Sharlotte donated the proceeds from their lemonade stand to Y.H.S.

The animals thank you!





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