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Owner Relinquishment

Due to many factors, including the recent economic downturn, occasionally members of the public feel they must relinquish their dog or cat to Yavapai Humane Society. If you are considering relinquishment, we encourage you to take advantage of our Animal Behavior Assessor and other resources we can provide. Many times behavior issues can be corrected with a small amount of work. If you find that you MUST relinquish your pet, please consider giving a donation in addition to the relinquishment fee so that we can continue to provide high quality care.

Although YHS has a no-kill ethic, we are not a no-kill facility.  If you are surrendering your animal or turning in a stray animal there is always a chance that the animal will be euthanized. YHS cannot contact you prior to the animal's disposition being decided. We implore you to find another home for your animal on your own so that we may keep our kennels open to stray and injured animals. We have a list of rescue organizations that may be able to assist you if you choose not to surrender the animals to us.

YHS has a Pet Guardianship program so individuals can plan ahead for their pet's care should something happen to the owner.

YHS is often at full capacity and maintains a waiting list. Please call ahead to save your time. (928) 445-2666 ext. 24.

Anyone observed abandoning an animal is in violation of ARS 13-2910.

Relinquishment Minimum Donation

Dogs- $40
Cats- $40

Please keep in mind when making your donation that YHS invests over $400 into each animal that enters our shelter in addition to $15/day for general care. We are a non-profit that is dependant on the community for funding.


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