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Foster Care Program

YHS Foster Volunteers are Lifesavers

The Yavapai Humane Society Foster Care Program provides care for animals not yet ready for adoption. Volunteers care for animals in their own homes, providing animals that are underweight, underage, sick or injured the time they need to grow or heal so they may become adoptable. Foster parents choose the type of animals and length of stay that your lifestyle can accommodate. YHS staff will provide foster volunteers with necessary training and access to medical care (medical care is only available to YHS foster animals).

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

To be a foster volunteer, we ask that you be aware of the following:

If you are interested in becoming an animal foster parent or simply getting more information, please contact the YHS Foster Placement Coordinator at or (928) 515-4947.

Ready to start?

Please fill out a completed Animal Foster Care Application online and we will contact you.

Not able to foster?

Consider donating much needed foster care items to YHS. KMR kitten and puppy milk replacement are greatly needed - click here to order from our Amazon Wish List and have the items shipped directly to YHS.

Resources for current animal foster parents:

Cat Foster Handbook

Dog Foster Handbook

Bottlefeeding Kittens

Feeding Gruel Babies


Animal Foster Care Policies and Procedures


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